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About Xodos

Pain-free laser hair removal.  Expertly delivered by Xodos.

Sally had seen many wonderful innovations come and go during her 25 years of experience in the caring and nursing industry, but it was one particular piece of pain-free hair removal technology, which permanently destroys hair at the root that changed her world forever! Where others were talking about IPL and Electrolysis, Sally tried the ground-breaking Soprano® IN-MotionTM laser  technology for the first time and it made a huge and beneficial difference to her life. 

So much so that she wanted others to experience that unbeatable pain-free feeling for themselves.

Freed from the tie of painful waxing, shaving and all the problems associated with it, such as rashes, irritated skin and ingrowing hairs, she realised what a difference it could make to others. As a result of Sally’s vision, both women and men alike across Lichfield and the surrounding areas are now feeling the benefit of permanent hair reduction across all areas of the body. Sally’s nurse-led clinic, located at the idyllic Curborough Countryside Centre, is the perfect location for clients to enjoy their treatment in genuine comfort.

Cool. Smooth. Painless.

Isn’t it time you tried it for yourself?

The Hexagon Centre, Curborough Hall Farm Country Side Centre, Lichfield, Staffordshire, West Midlands WS13 8ES
Telephone: 01543415942